Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transcending boundaries

Living in France and Canada has made me realize that there is a ton of multiculturalism and mixing of cultures and languages going on. One the one hand, that is pretty cool, that people are starting to figure out how to get past those traditional barriers: language and culture.  On the other hand, there is often still a significant language barrier involved. So when you're thinking of an activity the kids can do to befriend others, or there's someone at work you could befriend except for that language problem...I have the perfect solution:

So, you're looking for a puzzle that isn't language dependent, (not to solve it or for instructions on HOW to solve it)?  
How about an activity that has almost no age-limit? 
What about an activity that boys and girls would equally enjoy? 

How about Pic-a-Pix!

Teaching someone how to do a Pic-a-Pix puzzle is as easy as letting them watch you do one, or watching a tutorial online:

Then, wa-bam! You've got something in common with others, and that is what helps friendships grow! 

Recently I took my "Pic-a-Pix, The Latest Puzzling Fix," to work with me to do on down time in the break room. My co-workers all asked what the heck I was doing, and it was fun to show them how to do the puzzles, and the cool pictures they create. I am planning on taking them a few printouts of free copies from Diane's website, I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

If you don't get how to do the puzzles, check out my blogpost: Intro to Pic-a-Pix. Then go to Diane's website and get some free puzzles to try it out!

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